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God, I'm sooooooo ready for you! (just like I was for 2020, hihi 🙂 )

My sweet darling angels. Some wishes have been posted already on my Facebook page in Dutch. I wanted to write some other wishes in English.
One can NEVER have to many wishes (and fulfillments linked to that!). :)))))))))))

May 2021 bring you ALL that you need!
May it give you all the opportunities and experiences that will make you feel ALIVE like never before.
May it be filled with LOVE and WARMTH in a way you've never experienced before.
May it push you to find creativity, and making CREATIONS you never thought you were able to think of and make.
May it bring you the TOUCH of nature in your deepest core.
May it CHALLENGE you every time again to go out of your comfortzone.
May it give you the ability to stay CENTERED. No matter what happens or who comes into your life.May it bring you a PEACE of mind.
May it bring you childlike HUMOR and JOY.
May it make you truly feel and realise that you are UNLIMITED.

LOVE to you all my sweet darling angels. Lets make 2021 even BETTER than 2020. <3

Loving greetings
Saskia 🙂


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